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Shiatsu Massage Brisbane

Shiatsu massage Brisbane

Many people in Brisbane today choose to have a shiatsu massage treatment as part of their regular health and fitness maintenance regime. Shiatsu is a form of massage which is based in traditional Chinese medicine ideas. Is believed to have originated from China arrived and became popular in Japan during that narrow period 710 to 793. A shiatsu College was then founded in the 1940s and is often credited with inventing the modern style of shiatsu which were use today.

What is Shiatsu?

In Japanese shiatsu simply means finger pressure. The massage techniques included in shiatsu are using of the arms, feet, palms and fingers along with assisted stretching and the mobilisation and join manipulation a shiatsu practitioner is able to massage the entire chi system of the body.

Although there is no clear evidence that proves shiatsu to be an effective medical treatment for any disease many people find shiatsu to be an incredible form of relaxation and feel psychologically benefited after a decent massage by a shiatsu expert. In Australia shiatsu was one of the 17 therapies which was valued to have no clear evidence of effectiveness.

Click on the picture below to watch a video on Shiatsu.

Many people will study shiatsu alongside acupuncture as the two forms of treatment seemed to work even more effectively is done together. Since this shiatsu works on the pressure points on the Marillion’s of the body it seems only natural that acupuncture would be used alongside shiatsu massage.

By manipulating particular pressure points along the bodys meridians, the energy can be stimulated in the body’s natural energy flow can be restored to encourage invigoration of muscles and energy flow. Many people in Brisbane who haven’t experienced a shiatsu massage should at least try it once!

Our experienced masseuses can give you the experience of a professional shiatsu massage so that you can judge for yourself whether or not shiatsu is the right massage you.

We also do remedial massage.

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