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Sports Massage Brisbane

Sports Massage Brisbane

Many people in Brisbane will seek a therapeutic or sports massage for the relief of sporting injuries such as strained hamstring muscles or shoulder pain. The physical treatment is primarily used by physiotherapist’s, chiropractors, athletic trainers, physicians and physical therapists.

Primary uses.

According to the orthopaedic manual physical therapy and the manual practice of physical therapy is a clinical approach that uses a specific hands on techniques and also the manipulation and mobilisation of particular joint structures for the treatment of soft tissue. The result of these manipulations can be the release and relaxation of contractile and non-contractile tissue repair. This tissue repair can result in extra mobilisation of the joint all the damaged muscle tissue as a result of the sports massage.

How to do a sports massage

Brisbane sports people.

Many people in Brisbane participate in sports especially cycling and rugby. Both of these sports can be extremely physically demanding especially on the latest and often will result in damage to hamstring and quadriceps muscles. Through a proper and thorough sports massage almost instant relief can be obtained to damaged soft tissue and joints. If further problems possess the sports massage expert may recommend x-rays for further examination.

We specialise in sports massage and deep tissue therapy at our massage clinic based in Rocklea Brisbane if you have any enquiries feel free to contact us as we are open from 9 AM to 9 PM seven days a week. We also specialise in erotic massage for the relaxation of mind, body and spirit.

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